About Us

Cowlitz Valley Bernedoodles is owned and operated by Dave and Marilyn Garcia.

We started our life in Washington on a farm just outside the little town of Morton in the beautiful Cowlitz Valley. After living there for seventeen years raising our Angus cattle and more recently, our dogs, we decided that life had another adventure waiting for us. We listed our farm and it sold in 10 days to a couple that absolutely loved our property, our mama poodle, Jayla, and our cattle. We packed up our house, shop, and barn, loaded the horses and dogs, and off we went to Eastern Washington to the beautiful town of Colville, which is about an hour's drive north of Spokane.

Living just 8 miles outside of Colville has allowed us to have our 160 acres of paradise. We are absolutely loving the drier climate and our property that is home to wild turkeys and deer. The dogs are keen on the adventure of exploring their new territory and the daily runs down our many trails.

We spent the fall and winter getting set up in our new location and ready for our winter puppies. We look forward to giving our newest babies the same loving care and attention that we did when living in Morton. Our puppies are handled daily by us, with extra attention from our grandchildren and our new neighbors who are excited to have puppies living next door. When our puppies are 3 weeks old, they move out of their baby pens and start the transition to solid food and being litter box trained. We litter box train them to hopefully make it easier for their families to house train them when they take them home. When the puppies are about 5 weeks old, we start to take them outside daily to experience the “big world” (weather permitting) and get the fresh air, adventure and exercise they need and love. It’s always a special time for us to watch them play with each other, their mom’s and to be introduced to their dad Zermatt. (he loves playing with the babies). Before we know it they are 8 weeks old and ready for their new loving forever homes.