Breeding Females

VA Cappa Cheeno

Cheeno is a beautiful phantom sable standard poodle that weighs about 70 pounds and is 25inches high at the shoulder.  She is playful, very athletic, and loves attention and meeting new people.  Born on  January 2019, she is CKC and AKC registered.  She had her OFA hips/elbows done at 13 months of age and her results showed good hip joint conformation and negative elbow dysplasia.  Her OFA cardiac showed no evidence of congenital cardiac disease.  By parentage, she is DNA clear of genetic conditions because both her parents Rollo and Siggi have been DNA tested clear of poodle genetic conditions. 

Cheeno has given us some wonderful puppies that are not only beautiful tri-color and tri-sable, but they have amazing personalities. The feedback we get from their adoptive families is that they absolutely love them! They tell us they are sweet-natured, smart, easy to train, playful, affectionate, cuddly, and love to be with their families. Always eager to go for a walk or cuddle on the couch, they are definitely part of the family. The fact that most don't shed and some only shed an occasional tuft of hair is a bonus! 

VA Valbella

Valbella, known as “Bella”, is a beautiful phantom standard poodle. Bella is still full of puppy fun and affection.  Born in December of 2019, she weighs about 60 pounds, is 23 inches at the shoulder and is our most athletic female. She is very playful and is always exploring and instigating games with the other dogs. When it comes to motherhood though she becomes very serious, attentive, and protective, meeting her puppy's endless needs for cleaning and food with absolute dedication. When her puppies are at a more independent age, she then adds them to her “play” list, and then the games begin and she romps around with them. 

Bella is CKC registered and had her OFA testing done at 15 months which showed good hip and joint confirmation and is negative for elbow dysplasia. She is DNA clear of poodle genetic conditions through parentage.

Bella was born black with brown phantom markings but after a few months, her brown markings started to grow into a light tan and then eventually grey/silver, showing us that she carries a silver gene that will fade the coat color of some of her puppies. Bella has given us beautiful Bernese-marked tri-color and phantom-marked tri-color puppies. The feedback we are getting from their families is that, like Cheeno’s adoptive families, they absolutely love them! They have the bernedoodle happy loving nature, are smart, easy to train, affectionate, cuddly, and low to no shedding.
You can see by her baby photo (below) how her brown markings have turned grey as she's gotten older.


Siggy is a beautiful sable phantom poodle, born in August of 2021. She currently weighs 45 pounds and is 21 inches high at the shoulder. She is CKC Registered and our smallest girl. She is a new addition to our family (December 2022) and joined us when she was 16 months old. She is gentle-natured and quiet around us and the other dogs as she slowly adjusts to her new home. We are planning for her first litter in 2023. She has the genetics to have Bernese-marked tri-color, phantom-marked tri-color, Bernese-sable, and phantom-sable puppies, the same as our Cheeno.

Luna Lovegood

Luna is our brand new Bernese Mountain dog, born in February 2022. Luna is CKC Registered and joined our family in December 2022 at the age of 10 months. She has a happy, outgoing "Bernese" temperament and loves to romp and play with the other dogs, as well as get love and attention from us. She will have her OFA hips/elbows checked sometime in the future once she is full-grown. Distant plans are to eventually breed her to an outside standard poodle. She is 24 inches at the shoulder and about 70 pounds

VA Jayla (Retired):  

Jayla is now retired from motherhood and enjoying her best life on our previous farm in Morton, WA. The new owners of our farm did not have a dog and they absolutely loved Jayla so it has been the perfect fit. Jayla gets to be the “queen’ of the Morton farm, explores the property with Doug, and continues to guard the apple orchard and garden against the roaming deer.